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Thursday, March 22, 2012

SPM 2011 Result

The moment that everybody has been waiting for... SPM 2011 result is released today, March 21, 2011. Maresmawian had shown, again, that they can defy the odds by achieving 1.212 on GPS...much better than what had been achieved in previous year, 1.334. Even though we are not able to beat MRSM TGB, Taiping, PC and Kuantan, but among non-PKPs we still stand strong.

The followings is the result based on all As achievement (A+, A , A-)

Malay Language                        98.76 %
English Language                       98.76 %
Islamic Education                      100.00 %
History                                      99.38 %
Mathematics                              100.00 %
Add. Mathematics                     71.43 %
Physics                                      45.34 %
Chemistry                                  69.57 %
Biology                                      41.50 %
Tasawwur                                 100.00 %
Visual Art                                  100.00 %
Principle Accounting                  100.00 %
Innovation                                  90.00 %

Congratulations to All 2011 Fifth Formers of MRSM Langkawi. We are still among the Best!!

The Principal of MRSM Langkawi...Tn. Hj. Shabani bin Ahmad :

" Praise be to Allah...again students had proved that their strong will had paid handsomely. All the hard work from teachers, students and non-academic staffs throughout the year finally transformed into what we expect from the students...more As in SPM 2011. I strongly believe other than teachers, the strong bound among fifth formers to see each and everyone of them performed in SPM is the key-factor of this glory. Congratulation and thank you to all teachers, non-academic staffs and students for making MRSM Langkawi stand tall among the best schools in Malaysia."
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