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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blood Drive Donation

On the last 6th of July 2013, the English Debate Club had a programme involving ANSARA. It was the Blood Drive Donation which was held at the glorious Underwater World, Chenang, Langkawi. All twelve Fourth Formers who are also the members of the club managed to be the volunteers for the Blood Drive Donation. The programme was under the supervision of the Club Advisor, Madam Azizah Jamil.

In the morning of the miraculous Saturday, all the 12 members gathered together at the college's foyer before departing to UWW by the college's van. The journey which took almost 40 minutes to Chenang was filled with our laughter and joy. The van was quaked with the songs which they karaoke-ed together. Yes, the van could not fit us all so some of the members went there by Madam Zee's car.

When we arrived, we registered and were asked to wear a sticker indicating that we were the volunteers at the drive. Then, we started our work, making some posters that could attract people's attention to donate blood. Although we were short of stationery to make the posters, but still we managed to finish 3 beautiful and attractive posters. We pasted the posters at some places all around UWW. Then, we helped some of the hospital workers to arrange the beds, chairs and some medical supplies at the room provided. What shocked us that day was UWW was also having a programme. It was the celebration of Penguin's 7th Birthday! So, a lot of kids came along to have fun with the activities they arranged.

We asked the people around the UWW if they wanted to donate some blood to save some lives. Actually, the people who wanted to donate their blood would get a free pass to have a tour inside the UWW. We managed to get some people to do the charity after hours of being the volunteers. Then, we had our breakfast and we continued our deeds. Oh, not to forget, WE GOT OUR FREE PASSES!  

That is all. Until we meet again with more events. Till then, adios amigos!

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