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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Semester 1 Break!

Assalamualaikum and Holla, everyone :)

First thing first : How was your Semester Examination? Was it hard enough? Tough? Or some of you guys might say: as EASY as ABC? Yes, being a student is so hard but that is reality. It would be incomplete if we never hold the title of being a student. Some might not really agree if I say student's life is THE BEST MOMENT EVER. It is indeed true! You can question anybody about the phrase of being a student. I bet they really desire to get back to that period.


Well, after days and weeks struggling for the examination, I believe all of you must be exhausted!. Your brains must have absorbed too many information that they begin to be overload. Yeah, we are bored of too much looking, reading, memorising and writing, right? So now it is the time to get  plenty of rest and enjoy your holiday!

Semester break will take about 16 days more or less and of course it would be happening! However!! don't leave your book unopened throughout your holiday!You have your holiday assignments too to be completed! If you rest too much, I am very sure that your brains would be 'rusty' and jammed. LOL.

Thus, teachers give us tonnes of homeworks and assignments which have to be done during holidays. It is a kind of challenge for you to complete them and please ensure that those tasks are accomplished properly before the assigned date.

Last but not least, have a good time and enjoy your hols to the last bit !

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Teachers and Staffs' Celebration In MJSC Langkawi *Part II*

There were many activities carried out which include Football, Netball, Badminton, Explorace, and homeroom activities - "Corak Coret" for Form 4, Bowling Bottle, Spicy Hot Dog and others. 

Football event was held at the college field. Student's team won first place, while Teacher's held second with a 5-3 record marks. Student's team was led by Ady Syafiq, a Fifth Former and the teacher's team was led by Ustaz Azraei. 

Teams that won first place in netball was, The Teacher's Team led by Mdm Ainaa

Turning to events in the hall, badminton doubles event. Badminton tournmament women category was won by Ustazah Sitti Farhan and Nur Farhanah Arshad. Although Ustazah Farhan seemed to be very gentle, but she was proven to be very good in sports. 

For men, the team Ustaz Wan Azizul and Wan Ashraf won first place. 

Explorace activities were carried out by representatives of the Students' Leadership. Ahmad Fadli represented the Students Representative Council, while Dzul Hakim ​​represented the Students Disciplinary Board. Cooperative Board was represented by Adam Alani. Peer Counsellor was represented by Khairuddin. Abdul Muhaimin was the representative for Learning Resource Center. As for the third Former students, they were involved in the Explorace activities.

'Corak-Coret with Form 4', was one of the homeroom activities. There were two categories for this activity which were Homeroom Portrait and Greeting Cards. The purpose of this activity was to bridge the relationship between the teachers and the Form 4 students. This activity was planned by Teacher Balkiah. Homeroom Al-Khawarizmi 13 was awarded the first place for Portrait category while Homeroom Arabi has secured the 1st place for Greeting Cards contest.

For Bottle Bowling event, Madam Marliana defeated other participants.

Spicy Hot Dogs event was an event which participants had to eat extremely spicy sausages. However, Muhammad ​​Hasif Aiman was the champion while his best buddy, Muhammad Izzat came next.

Entering the hall.

Master and Mistress of Ceremony :D

Closing and Award Giving ceremony for Staff-Teachers' Day was held at 11.30 am at the House of Al-Biruni. Several awards were given to teachers based on students' votes. The awards were: -

The Most Stylish Teacher: - Miss Nadila

The Most Sporting Teacher: - Mr. Ridhuan

The Most Visionary Teacher: - Mr. Faizal

The Most ProActive Teacher: - Teacher Fazliana
The Most Pious Teacher: - Ustaz Rezmi

The Most Sweetest Couple: - Ustaz Wan and Madam Farahiyah
The Most Kind-Hearted Teacher: - Ustazah Sitti Farhan

And ...
Ustaz Rasdi B Muda as the winner for the Most Strict Teacher!

The Drama Team.

The Zapin Team :)

After the award show, there were several presentations performed ​​by the students of every form. However, the most interesting part was a sketch presentation  by cool new teachers. The sketch was an absolute surprise for students because that was the first time ever for teachers to perform during Teacher's Day!

One of the most saddening moments was when our former Arts Teacher, Mr. Ahmad Firdawos bin Md Salleh, posted us a video expressing his gratitude to all teachers of MJSC LANGKAWI and he wished all the teachers and students would be always in a great health and could succeed in their lives. Some of us burst into tears when listening to his dramatic speech. He is now currently in MJSC PONTIAN, serving there. Yet, where ever he is, his face and features will always be mended in our mind and heart.

Moving on to next performance by our dedicated male educators. Ustaz Wan, Ustaz Azraei, Mr. Zafri, Mr Zul and Mr. Stanley teamed up for an acoustic show which was awesome. They sang a very meaningful song entitled 1, 2, 3, 4 originally sung by Aris Ariwatan.

Overall, Teachers and Staff Day this year is one of  the greatest events in the history of MJSC Langkawi . Congratulations to all those who have involved directly or indirectly. Hopefully this success will continue in the future. Lastly, let us thank our teachers for their countless sacrifice and deeds which they have given us. THANK YOU TEACHERS!

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Teachers and Staffs' Celebration In MJSC Langkawi *Part I*

A happy motorcyclist, cheating during Walkathon, with a happy smile. -PAK ZAFF-

Assalamualaikum and good evening !
 What is the date today ? 
It's 20th , right? 
What's the date of Teacher's Day? 
IT'S 16th OF MAY ! 
In conjunction with the Teacher's Day celebration, MRSM Langkawi had held a merriful event to celebrate all the teachers and staff of the college starting from early in the morning till the midst of the scorching evening, we had SO MUCH FUN ! During the morning, all the students and teachers gathered at the field to have a morning exercise. It was handled by the Students Representative Council team and some of the selected students. Roll your eyes in this pic!
After the morning exercise  there was a special event conducted for the teachers which was Walkathon. Teachers had to walk around the college, which is about 1 kilometre. The students celebrated the teachers in front of the Al-Biruni Grand Hall. There were some students who held banners representing each batch. The most beautiful and striking banner was created by ClassIXteen (Form 3). The most sporting teacher was Ustaz Rasdi B Muda, the Deputy Principal of Student Affairs. Ustaz Rasdi is a very caring and firm teacher. However, all of the students in this college admired and loved him very much.
We are ready!

Follow our leader -The SRC team.

From left : Ustaz Shahrulnizam, Ustaz Wan, Sir Helmi and Sir Junaidi

Here comes our hero, Ustaz Rasdi! Alongside his sidekick - Sir Zul.

These are the new teachers - Happy with the Walkathon. Yeah, look at Teacher Faz's face!

Salvation II's 

Striking banner - ClassIXteen.

This is just the introduction. Wait for more. We have to face the final exam for SEM 1!
Study, study, study!
Don't forget to smile!


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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Debate District Level. WE WON!!

On the 7th of May, the debaters of MJSC Langkawi went to SMK Mahsuri  for the Debate District Level Competition. They had been struggling with the tough motion and the points, along with Point Of Information (POI) through their training. But they were not alone. Coaches and trainees were there to help them with the motion and points gathering.

Well yeah, the motion was " THBT Influx of Imported Cars Should Be Reduced "

while the debaters were there waiting for their match to start, they were served with a light debate case between SMK Mahsuri and SMK Kedawang. Here are some pictures that we managed to capture during the competition.

As both teams from other schools delivered their cases, our debate team started to feel nervous. Like we usually say, butterflies turn to beasts hungrily kicking and punching their stomachs. Afraid? They were not afraid of the opponents but they were afraid of their silly mistakes that could affect their marks.

Like you can see, the debaters were discussing about their hard and not-so-easy motion,almost every second, they did not even rest a bit! It shown that the motion was so freaking hard and even the opponents which were from SMK Mahsuri didn't really understand it. Let's move on to the competition with more details.
After a long debate case from SMK Mahsuri and SMK Kedawang, our debaters were quarantined for a while. Rest, yes, they needed a rest although they haven't started their debate. Well, exhausted from thinking about the the motion. Finally when our team were on stage. We could feel their anxiety rushing through their veins.

Keep Calm and We're Going To Win!

And after long speeches were given by all of our debaters, well yeah, we won! the judges really liked our way of debate that was so different from the government. And guess what? The best speaker was won by Nur Syameem as you all know she is the best speaker of Malaysia, number 4 right now. Overall we won for the Langkawi District Level Competition and might be winning for another debate competition. Go Giirls! we are proud of you!!

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Registration Form 1 and Form 4

Well, hello.

Hahaha!! But, wait for a minute. This entry should have been posted a long time ago. But, yeah people change, memories don't. These are some memories on early February. It's about the registration day of Form 4 and Form 1 for this year. Great day, seriously. Take a look at these pictures!

Can't say anything more. Hope you enjoyed reading our blog and stay update with our great posts and entries!
To ex-MJSC Langkawi's students, we will always welcoming you back!

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Introducing The New Bloggers of MJSC Langkawi


Assalamulaikum w.b.t


The one who will be updating this blog are:

Amirul Anwar Bin Azham - 403 Plutonium (Leader)

 Nur Nazlifa Binti Shaiful Annuar - 403 Plutonium (Assistant Leader)

Tun Muhammad Seth Bin Tun Rafaee - 406 Actinium (Designer)

Siti Aisyah Binti Shamsaimun -403 Plutonium (Author)

Nur Liyana Binti Yaacob - 403 Plutonium (Photo Editor)

#Please visit our college's blog :D

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Exam Is Just Around The Corner! SEM 1/2013


EHEM.. EHEM... Wow, from what that we can see, nervous is arising in the college. Butterflies turn to bees. Leaves become brown. Good changes to bad. (Nahhh, the last sentence was just a joke :D) So, is everyone ready for students' biggest fear? Hohoho, of course! SEMESTER EXAMINATION! Arghh, yeah, every single student would groan in despair once they know about this. Don't fret my friends, if you study hard and smart, in shaa Allah, the success is all yours :) So, for the Maresmawian, the examination would be starting in less than 1 WEEK ! OH NO ! Yes, start studying now! Or else, you will be regretting later. Today, we are going to give you a peek on the schedule of our first ever semester examination for the year 2013. All eyes open and check it out! :)


So, how was the schedule? Quite tight, right? but we'll pass it with flying colors of course!! we're going to score for sure in shaa Allah :) Examination will start in a next week so we have to work hard and smart to be the best among the best with the greatest pointer of 4.0! that's a dream and it will come true, well, dreams do come true, thus dare to dream!! That's all for this moment we may see you later with great and hot news about our marvelous college! ( Soon MJSC Langkawi will be well-known in the world ) with our results of course.

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