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Monday, March 25, 2013

XTVT Week in MARA Junior Science College Langkawi

   It's been a long time since this blog had been updated and for that we- the Information and Communication Ex-co, would like to seek for forgiveness from all of you- the readers. After squeezing our brains upon the examination, the school's XTVT (activity) week had finally begun. The XTVT week started off with the inter team championships. From volley to football. From badminton to ping pong. The overall winner was Jupiter, the first runner up was Venus, Second runner up was won by the Uranus. Mars was on the forth place. Cross country was won by Mars, first runner up was Jupiter, second runner up was Uranus and last place goes to Venus. The week continued with fun and games to release the stress that was gained during the examination week. Everyone had a blast and got all sorts of presents.

   After playing around, the school got serious again and the students were studying as normal again. We had launched 'Program Gemilang PMR SPM 2013' in the grand hall. The programme aimed to give awareness to the form 3 and 5 students that they will be running out of time and also acts as a catalyst for students' inspiration to keep fighting and trying to ensure that the goal of having 100% A in The PMR and 100% A + in the SPM can be achieved. Congratulations to all who have made the Gempur PMR and SPM 2013 a success.                                                                                                                         
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