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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blood Drive Donation

On the last 6th of July 2013, the English Debate Club had a programme involving ANSARA. It was the Blood Drive Donation which was held at the glorious Underwater World, Chenang, Langkawi. All twelve Fourth Formers who are also the members of the club managed to be the volunteers for the Blood Drive Donation. The programme was under the supervision of the Club Advisor, Madam Azizah Jamil.

In the morning of the miraculous Saturday, all the 12 members gathered together at the college's foyer before departing to UWW by the college's van. The journey which took almost 40 minutes to Chenang was filled with our laughter and joy. The van was quaked with the songs which they karaoke-ed together. Yes, the van could not fit us all so some of the members went there by Madam Zee's car.

When we arrived, we registered and were asked to wear a sticker indicating that we were the volunteers at the drive. Then, we started our work, making some posters that could attract people's attention to donate blood. Although we were short of stationery to make the posters, but still we managed to finish 3 beautiful and attractive posters. We pasted the posters at some places all around UWW. Then, we helped some of the hospital workers to arrange the beds, chairs and some medical supplies at the room provided. What shocked us that day was UWW was also having a programme. It was the celebration of Penguin's 7th Birthday! So, a lot of kids came along to have fun with the activities they arranged.

We asked the people around the UWW if they wanted to donate some blood to save some lives. Actually, the people who wanted to donate their blood would get a free pass to have a tour inside the UWW. We managed to get some people to do the charity after hours of being the volunteers. Then, we had our breakfast and we continued our deeds. Oh, not to forget, WE GOT OUR FREE PASSES!  

That is all. Until we meet again with more events. Till then, adios amigos!

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Challenges for THEM

It's quite tough and this is really challenging for the Third Formers as they fought so hard for their Pre-Trial PMR Examination to achieve their best target. The Pre-Trial PMR Examination is the early preparation for Form 3 students for the upcoming Trial PMR Examination.

The First, Second and the Fourth Formers struggled for their exams too! This time - it's  Standardised Test 3 2013. This test was so hard and the bloggers were not even sure of the answers. Fuhh! Anyway, we think that the students really struggled so hard to score in  this test and they really did. Congratulations to all of the students who did score in this test. Keep up your good work and stay on top! To the unfortunate ones, don't ever think that all of you are born to be a loser. Working hard is the ladder of success.

For this entry, we are going to write about the challenges that the Third and Fifth Formers will face which are the two major examinations, PMR and SPM. Well, before Raya break, these students struggled really hard and tried  their best to achieve their targets for both PreTrial examinations.

Let's start with the PMR students. A week before the exam, they looked so stressful with the books and notes. Alhamdulillah, they managed to overcome the stress.

Well the Fifth Formers or also known as Salvation  II, tried their best too! They tried really hard to impress the teachers here with their result and they really want to beat B-13, the previous batch which succeeded to achieve the highest College GPA!

This week, the Third Formers will be going to struggle and fight very hard for  Trial PMR. Although they look so nervous, we - the Maresmawians are going to pray for them. May Allah S.W.T bless their effort and help them in this big challenge! In Shaa Allah!

By the way, it is not too late for us to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

Assalamu'alaikum and enjoy your Raya!

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Blessing Moment :')

'Turn over a new leaf'. That is the best phrase to describe Form 3 students. They need to change and they have to change! Completely!

Above - Form 3 students

Being in the bottom rank does not portray the real Maresmawians. Therefore, the Form 3 students decided to have a meeting with the entire administrative and academic staff of MRSM Langkawi to seek for their blessing. 

Above - Encik Rasdi bin Muda, Vice Principal of Students' Affairs

They were very upset with the recent Trial PMR Result and the meeting held could be a motivation for the students to perform much much better in the upcoming PMR. 

PMR is not an easy challenge for these guys. Since it is the last PMR ever in Malaysia, the examination could be tough or could be easy. Trial PMR is a platform for the students to test their readiness for the real PMR. If the result of Trial PMR is not that excellent, it means that they still need a lot of preparation to be made.


Cheer up guys! We will always be with you until the day you take the examination. If we could be in the hall with you answering the examination, no doubt, we would be there. Yet, we have to let you stand on your own feet to fight for your success.

"PMR is not everything. PMR is just the beginning."

Sincerely from the Editor A.K.A Captain of the Blogger Team.

In Shaa Allah, everything is going to be okay.


PMR 2013

100% 8A's

Above - Focusing on Encik Mohd Yusof b. Muda.
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Monday, September 9, 2013

Leadership Camp 2013

Leaders. Who are they? Recently , MARA Junior Science College of Langkawi's students had their votes for the candidates of Student Representative Council and as a result, there were 22 students who have successfully chosen into the Student Representative Council .

But we're not going to talk about them, but we're going to talk about all the members of the Student Leadership Body. GET READY!

For your information , there are 7 bodies in college leadership:

1 ) Students Representative Body
2 ) Board of Student Discipline
3 ) Peer Guidance
4 ) Monitor the Education Resource Centre
5 ) Member of the Board of Cooperative
6 ) Editorial Board
7) The President and Deputy President of the Class , Home Room and Batch

Recently , the college had held a leadership camp for Student Leadership Body for session 13/14 . The camp was held at Camp State under the management of the Prime Minister in Langkawi . A total of 122 students who had successfully selected to participate in the camp was out of the best . The camp coordinator was Mr. Shahid.

 These people eventually stayed at the camp for 3 days and 2 nights . Lots of challengers had been prepared for the leaders as they stepped into the camp site. A short brief was given by Mr Nordin, who acted as one of the staff at the camp. Mr. Stanley who was also the chief commander of the Leadership Camp gave a meaningful speech that was very enthusiastic . At night , a game that was better known as "Mak Jemah" meetings were conducted by Mr. Shahid . A few minutes after the game, Mr Yusuf had his session successfully by delivering a lecture "Becoming Community of Leaders" to the participants.

   The second day , all of the participants were listening to a few lectures that were delivered by Mr. Faizal , followed by Mrs. Hariani .

   After Friday prayers , participants did an activity that known as Explorace . This activity also endurance participants' mentally, physically and spiritually.

At eleven o'clock (night) , a challenging activity was waiting for the leaders of the new generations . They were brought into a deep and wet forest . Not to worry!! Night Jungle Trekking was conducted by a few of trained instructors of the camp. According to the comments of the students , Night Jungle Trekking or better known as Night Walk was the most challenging activity ever and it was the best moment during their stay in the camp . Although they were showered with rain that night.

Later on the next day, which we preferred to call it as 'The Last Day' the participants were busy presenting their Annual Strategic Planning for each body that they were represented in.

After the conclusion of the presentation session , the Closing continued with launching ceremony that were officially launched by the Principal of MARA Junior Science College of Langkawi, Tuan Haji Shabani bin Ahmad .

Closing ceremony ended and the students were asked to pack up their things .Lunch were also provided for them as they were leaving the camp in the afternoon.
Positive comments filled the college compounds as they arrived at the college. Those comments were made ​​by themselves. PROUDLY.

   We do hope that the camp will be run exactly like this. Someday.

    Hopefully the students can improve their quality as the next leaders in the future and this is what we wanted to prove to the World as a leader.
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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Activity Week

The most seeking week had finally arrived. Almost everyday we were served with arrays of activities that were filled with passion, funkiness and joyfulness. No one would actually expected anything less from 2nd Semester activity's week.

Let's us check out what was happening around MJSC Langkawi for almost 7 days been encountered by these madness week.

Well of course, as we finished with Ramadhan already, our back-to school moments were filled with 'EIDULFITRI' mood. Thus, our college had decided to have a Raya Celebration for the students, teachers and all of the hard working staffs. It was an epic moment actually. Hot news or teenagers always say, FYI, the DJs for that celebration were our own blogger!!

It was lead by Seth Rafaee and Anwar Azham.

The two 'Joyah' talkers were successfully to fill the Green Square a.k.a. Knowledge Square with laughter and smiles. Oppsss.... not to forget about our lovely junior which indulged the Green Square with her beautiful voice. Thanks to Farah Najihah from 306 Actinium.

Next, big thing that occurred in the college was " THE ELECTION DAY SRC 13/14"

perhaps the scariest day for the candidates of Student Representative Council.

Maresmawians had prepared their own choices of their favorite 15 candidates to be voted.

these 40 candidates were really busy with promoting themselves toward the public.

As we know MJSC Pengkalan Chepa, Taiping and Tun Ghafar Baba had chosen their President of SRC then who will be our Mister President? We are still wondering tho.

Lasty Monday, we were served with 'Korban Kekah' thingy that led by the college. There were two cows provided for the 'korban'. Students of MJSC Langkawi got a few chances to see how does 'korban' done. well of course most of the part were filled with bloody scene, few sophomores pitied the cows, but nevermind later on they tummy will be filled with these cows' meats too.

Then, form 1, form 2 and forth formers were assigned with community works. Like it was stated, community works which we have to give out pile of energy for it. we were assigned with different type of community works according to their forms. First Formers were entrusted to clean up the Surau Raudhatul Muttaqim. Second formers were selected to clear things up around the college compounds. And Lucky for Form 4, they got the chance to explore to outside world through community work which was held in Keda, Desa Tok Wang Rendang.

They were divided into two groups according to their genders. Girls were assigned to washed up the mosque in Keda while the gents walked further to the cemetery. It was a tiring day for everyone actually. But the community works were successfully filled with happiness.

Only these much activities to be shared with you guys, but surely MJSC Langakawi had their awesome moment during the activity week.

Till we see next time :)

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