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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Students' Respresentative Council

Assalamualaikum and a very good evening!

If every government school has their own prefects, well, MJSC also has their own! They are called Student Disciplinary Board and also Student Representative Council! Basically, both of the teams are given a huge task to guard all the students of MJSC. The forms for those who wanted to be a part of SRC family had been out! So, all the students were very eager to take the forms, fill them out, prepare for some interviews and become SRC! Well, having a burden on your shoulder can be something unpleasant especially when you are busy with activities. So, in order to achieve the best term of being SRC, you must be good in dividing your time and work! Good luck everyone!

So, the teachers had actually done their job, choosing the selected person to go to the second stage of being SRC after the horrendous interview with the teachers. Among all the students who had applicate for the position, on the last SUNDAY, a list of names of those who had been chosen has been pasted and everyone in the school is now aware of those people. Th interview which was held on the past 27th June was filled with nervous feeling. Everyone who sent their application form for SRC was worried about the interview as it was their first stage on becoming something big in the college.

Now, the chosen 42 people is now busy preparing their manifestos to win the hearts of the students of MJSC LANGKAWI. They are also busy planning for their campaigns, taking photos for their posters and lots more. Plus, each of the chosen ones is also given some tasks which they must complete in order to fulfill the requirements on becoming half of the SRC! Let us pray for them!

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Ihya' Ramadan

Chapter 2, Revelation 185 of the Quran states:
The month of RAMADAN is that in which was revealed in the Quran; a guidance for mankind, and clear proofs of the guidance, and the criterion (of right and of wrong). And whosoever of you are present, let him fast in the month, and whosoever of you are sick or in a journey, a number of other days. Allah desires for your ease; He desires not hardship for you; and with that you should complete the period, and with that you should magnify Allah for guiding you, and with that perhaps you may be thankful. [Quran 2:185]
Ramadan is the month in which Muslims all around the world will be fasting. As we all know, this blessed-month is just around the corner and our college will take the golden opportunity to launch a programme called Ihya' Ramadan. This program was launched on Sunday (July 7 2013) by Ustaz Mazlan bin Hashim, Deputy Director of the MARA Education (Curriculum), Islamic Educational Unit and Arabic.
Ustaz Mazlan was very enthusiastic when delivering his speech. He shared about religious duties that can be done within the month of fasting, Ramadan. After his long and informative speech, guests, teachers and the students were presented with a montage provided by REDAX 12/13 then followed by a nasyeed performance and it was successful!
During the month of Ramadan and in conjunction with the programmes, various activities will be held. For examples:

1. Tarrawih prayer is the activity that will be held only in Ramadan. Tarrawih prayer will be performed as soon as  Isya' prayer ended. Tarrawih prayer teaches Muslims to be persistent in their spiritual practices.

2. Tadarus Al-Quran. Tadarus will be done in the afternoon. Usually, students will go out for some recreational activities but, in this month, Muslims are encouraged to do extra good deeds. Students will be at Surau Raudhatul Muttaqim to recite Al-Quran.

3. Qiamulail. It is the most challenging activity. The students have to wake up early in the morning and they will do various of religious activities such as reciting Al-Quran, Tahajjud prayer and listening to Tazkirah.

Lastly, we're hoping that all of the students, teachers and staffs will succeed in building up the inner self in the month of Ramadan. Remember, try your best in finding Lailatul-Qadr! :')

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nadwah Islamiah MRSM Se-Malaysia 2013


Lately, a few of our students had represented our college to Nadwah Islamiah MRSM Se-Malaysia 2013 at Mara Junior Science College Kubang Pasu. Twelve Participants were involved and most of them are fluent in Arabic. 

27 June 2013, the day when all of the participants were waiting for the out most moment, the short journey to MJSC Kubang Pasu! Traveling through the open sea wasn't that easy. But with Allah's will, we managed to arrive at the mainland within an hour. Langkawi school bus was already there, perhaps waiting for us for a couple of hours. The journey wouldn't have started if Ahmad Murad did not recite prayer to Allah for the safety of our trip.

Long-distance tour had finally brought us to MJSC Kubang Pasu, where we were amazed with their COOL and AWESOME College! We were greeted nicely by the helpers of KuPa's Crews. Thanks to them, we had our registration done successfully without failing a second. "Time Is Gold" as the famous saying goes.

Our contingent was actually working out with MJSC Kuantan which is also a 'Bitara' college. So The Nadwah Islamiah MRSM Se-Malaysia began at night.

This year's 9th Nadwah was different from the previous 8 nadwahs, because this time there were no competitions like we used to have before. They had it in a form of camping. 

Morning wasn't that pleasant for the participants, because waking up early is not an easy task! Qiamulail was a compulsory activity. We had to be to at Surau MJSC Kubang Pasu for Qiamulail and it was tough to wake up at wee-wee hours because it was cold.. Then, we listened to a short reminder, commonly known as tazkirah in our religion. It was presented by Ustaz from different MJSCs and some motivators crossed over from Kuala Lumpur.

The next night was the most favourite moment for us. It was a surprise when Hafiz Hamidun showed up on stage and sang us a few lines of his own songs with his soothing voice. The excitement engulfed the girls' hearts. In the next night, Simfoni, a trainee group of U.N.I.C performed two songs for us. The harmony of their voices made most of us fall in love with them. They were adored by the delegates from 46 MJSCs. After the performance from Simfoni, we were not expecting the hall would be filled with screams and excited faces, when the real U.N.I.C entered the hall singing a melodious song from their latest album. We really enjoyed the performance. Some of them wanted to be on the stage with U.N.I.C's members! A great night to be remembered!!!.

Gathering in the Great Hall of MJSC Kubang Pasu, most of us realised that it had reached the end of the camp. Our faces were shining brighter than ever. We wore colourful shirts representing our colleges all over Malaysia. The closing ceremony started with a forum by Imam Muda Ustaz Azhar. We gained lot of knowledge from the session.

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Form 4 Drama Fest: Gulp And Gasp

How the Form 4's life in MJSC LANGKAWI would be without drama entitled Gulp and Gasp? Every year, it is a tradition for MJSC LANGKAWI to organise a little drama fest for the fourth formers in order to enhance their creativity, public speaking and also English comprehension! Plus, the drama Gulp and Gasp is also included in English literature component so it would be so important for us, fourth formers to thoroughly understand the storyline and the characters. Thus, in order to be in that state, a drama based on the whole real story is organised!


Gulp and Gasp basically tells us a story about a blind girl who was so poor and how she lived with just by selling flowers at the railway station. Then, the villain named Lord Septic with his right hand man, Crouch whom he always bullied, came to the station. Crouch was his manservant who always failed in doing his work. Lord Septic was a man with a great enthusiasm for wealth and glory. When both of them saw Rose, the blind girl, they bullied her. That was the point where the protagonist came and aided her. The hero was Percy. He was actually an orphan and was left alone at the railway station all by himself since he was a little baby. All he knew was that he had a key with the words NSL engraved on it. The climax came when Rose was tied on the railway line and when the train almost hit her, Percy came to the rescue and was her saviour. Percy later knew  about his background. The story ends with Percy tying both Lord Septic and Crouch and he proposed Rose. They got married and lived happily ever after. Aww, what a sweet cliche ending!

The preparation started with the teachers who divided the storyline into six classes. From 401 until 406. All the classes were given a week to prepare and buy things for their parts for the drama. All of the students took this drama very seriously as this was the first time that they would work together as a large organisation for this year. Some of us made videos, bought dresses and make-ups just for the drama. From my point of view, I could see the spirit of friendship and teamwork blossoming in the air.

The day arrived! It was the delightful Tuesday evening when class 401 and 402 performed their drama. They were very strong and creative. Adding this and that to make their drama more scintillating. Later on the night time, 403,404,405 and 406 performed their dramas. The crowd cheered triumphantly after each of the performance. The night was awesome with the noises, musics and the yells!

It was indeed a memory which we would never erase from our mind. The moment where we exposed the acting side of us and the creative side of us. We still do not know about the winner but if anything happens, we know that we have already worked together and we are very satisfied with what we have done on the stage :)

402's commercial break during the Drama :)

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Minggu Bahasa, Kuiz Bahasa & Sastera dan Debat MRSM Se-Malaysia 2013

12th June 2013

The day where all of the students were engulfed with the euphoric feeling mixed with the excitement of meeting their old friends again, turned out to be the most surprising day ever, when some of them figured out that they had been chosen to represent our college for 'Minggu Bahasa, Kuiz Bahasa & Sastera dan Debat MRSM Se-Malaysia 2013'. Many thanks to Madam Azizah, because she managed to select the best among us to represent the college. The competition was held at MJSC Tun Abdul Razak (TAR) Pekan, Pahang. Our team - MJSC Langkawi focused a lot in 'Bahas Ala Parlimen Bahasa Melayu' and English Parliamentary Debate more than any other  competitions. They practiced for only two days and they were ready to jockey for the positions with their hearts. With the support from their friends and teachers, they were just ready for it. MJSC Langkawi sent representatives both for Malay and English debates and poem recitation.

The participants were :-

    English Parliamentary Debate : - 
  1.  Syameem bt Amerudin
  2. Amelia Edreena bt Azmir
  3. Wan Nur Diana bt Rashidan
  4. Nur Sufia Syafiqah bt Zulkifli Fitri
    'Bahas Ala Parlimen Bahasa Melayu' :-
  1.  Amirul Iqmal b Razlan
  2. Tun Muhammad Seth b Tun Rafaee
  3. Muhammad Danial Haikal b Zamzuri
  4. Muhammad Haris b Huda
    'Poem' :- 
  1. Muhammad Hafiq b Mat Nayan

They started their journey at 6:40 a.m - June 12th, 2013. As they arrived at Kuala Perlis, the team from MJSC Beseri picked them up and they went straight to MJSC Kubang Pasu. After they arrived, both of the teams from MJSC Langkawi and MJSC Beseri were transferred to another bus which was MJSC Kubang Pasu's bus. Then, they went straight to MJSC Tun Abdul Razak Pekan, Pahang. Eventually, the three teams, MJSC Langkawi, MJSC Kubang Pasu and MJSC Beseri arrived Pekan at 11:45 p.m . As they arrived, they registered and went to their rooms to unpack their things. The MJSC Langkawi's team started their practice for 'Bahas' and Debate right after they unpacked their things, until 2 to 3:00 a.m.

The next day was hectic. All of the participants started were busy practicing and doing last minute.  practice. Langkawi's representatives were not excluded. Bahas Ala Parlimen Bahasa Melayu took place on the same day so all the respective participants were anxious about the competition. The result was great. Through all 6 rounds, we won three and lose another three. The three winnings were against Tumpat, Pendang and Merbok. However, the other three losings made Langkawi to be excluded from competing in the final round. Well, the lucky MJSCs who were qualified to the final round were Pontian, and Pengkalan Hulu. Guess who was the winner for BAHAS? Yup! it was PENGKALAN HULU! congratulations to them for being the grand winner!

Let's move on to debate! Langkawi sent 4 talented and well-prepared debaters which are very good in speaking and rebutting points to represent the college in Language Week this time. However, the luck was not on our side. The final round was between Kuching and Pengkalan Chepa. Both of the teams were great in debating. It was hard for the judges to determine the winner for that particular round. However, they unanimously selected Kuching as the winner, and loud round of applause was heard in the hall at MJSC TAR. Lets not be sad for our lost! there is always a room for improvement before reaching perfection!

The third competition was Poem recitation. MJSC Langkawi sent a male representative named Muhammad Hafiq bin Mat Nayan who is very good in reciting poems. On that fateful night, mellow voices from the participants was dancing into the ears of the audiences. To be frank, all of the participants were very talented in poem recital, nevertheless, every competition would have a winner. Those who lost should not give up but take this opportunity to do better in the near future. MJSC Langkawi secured the third place in Poem recital and the grand winner was Grik.

On Sunday, we bid farewell to MJSC TAR. The memories will always be remembered in our minds and carved in our souls. We left MJSC TAR as soon as the closing ceremony ended which was at 3 pm. We went back by Kubang Pasu's bus, and we shared it with the participants from Beseri and Kubang Pasu. We arrived Jetty Kuala Perlis at 4.30 am and took the  7.00 am tickets. By the time we arrived at MJSC Langkawi, we were worn out so, we headed back to the hostel to get some rest.

As a conclusion, winning or losing does not even matter. What matters the most is what you have learned from the experience. Let's hope that Language Week for next year would be more awesome and enjoyable. And also let us hope that MJSC Langkawi would do better in the future! Let's aim to win next year! IN SHAA ALLAH :)
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