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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Start of new semester..n farewell to teacher linda..

End of holiday meaning starting of new school calender for 2011 2nd semester. To all teachers and students of MRSM Langkawi, welcome back with new spirit and enthusiasm especially form 3 and form 5. PMR and SPM just around the corner...not much time left. For those who had performed well and show some progress during the 1st semester final exam...keep it up. And those who still taking things for dreaming...honeymoon year...'relax la' kind of better change and start thinking about your own future!

The most shocking news for the beginning of this semester will be the transferring of Teacher Azlinda Mohamad to MRSM Gemencheh. The product of MRSM Langkawi as she started her teaching career here in 2006, she had proved to be 1 of the most dedicated maths teacher and loved by her students. We wish her the best in MRSM Gemencheh and will continue giving her magical touch and create another success story in MRSM Gemencheh.


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